Someone has just blown up the biggest cheese factory in town and Inspector Octavius O'Malley is on the case.But even as the great steaming globs of melted cheese are running down the walls, it becomes clear that there is something very strange about this case - and something very strange about Inspector O'Malley too. The case is strange because all the clues point to a mysterious gang of mice, but something doesn't quite fit. And Inspector O'Malley is strange because he has fur, and a tail, and long whiskers.In a mixed-up world of rats, mice and people, crime can be a complicated matter at the best of times. Before this story is over, there will be a dangerous train journey, two violent kidnappings, three narrow escapes - and a poisonous plot that threatens to destroy rodent-kind forever...

"Five out of five for me!" - The Age, All About Books
"A fast paced mystery laced with humour and delightful illustrations"  - Good Reading
"compulsive reading" - Magpies